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Growing our Replacements

The only certainty we as Recreation Professionals can be certain about today, is that nothing is "set in stone" anymore. We have all endured and continue to endure the most difficult paradigm shift that has taken place in our profession over the past 50+ years. Change is constant and so is our new paradigm of hiring the most qualified "up and coming" Recreation Professionals to carry the baton for us after we retire from this awesome profession. We all have a grave amount of responsibility for each of our communities to provide them the highest quality of life opportunities that our organizations can offer, and that responsibility falls on each of us as Recreation Professionals. I challenge each and everyone of you to please look down deep into your organizations to find those "Diamonds in the Rough" and encourage them to seek out this profession, mentor and grow them as seedlings to fully understand the importance of what our profession provides to our communities, and instill in them the deep burning passion that we possess and have used for our success in this profession. In reading this article today, I believe that many individuals are now soul searching what careers they want to pursue that will provide them a great work-life balance, and as we all know, our profession is the best in providing a great work-life balance. You realize it is our responsibility to replace ourselves within our profession, so keep your eyes peeled and find those individuals who will be the ones to take care of our communities when we decide to enjoy the fruits of our labor. #change #success #hiring #quality #careers

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