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City of Santa Fe Springs
Gus Hernandez | Recreation Manager

Santa Fe Springs Testimonial:


"John was an ideal speaker for our team.  He was easy to work with, his topic was extremely relevant, he brought great energy, and he was very engaging with our staff.  If ou are looking to build leaders in your organization, John is your guy!"

~ Gustavo Hernandez, Recreation Manager

City of Hermosa Beach

Suja Lowenthal, DPD | City Manager


Hermosa Beach Testimonial:

“After retiring from the City of Torrance and starting Catalyst Consulting, the City of Hermosa Beach was fortunate to secure the remarkable talents of John Jones to serve as Acting Community Resources Manager during an extended employee leave. John joined us ever so seamlessly that it felt as though he was part of the team all along.  I am personally thankful that he gave his very best to our community as he did not simply “keep things moving” or limit himself in the way that many interim staff do.


Instead, John joined right in as an active and contributing member of the City’s leadership team supporting his colleagues and advising me as the City Manager.  He created lasting communications and operational strategies to improve our efficiency and effectiveness and took on challenging issues.  Most importantly, he led the Community Resources Department and mentored the department staff in exploring their potential and coaching them into seeing themselves in positions with greater responsibility. 


We are pleased to continue our relationship with John as he serves as an Executive Coach for our Interim Community Resources Manager, with the goal of preparing her to be exceptionally competitive during the recruitment for the permanent post. The results are already quite remarkable.


I highly recommend the services of John Jones of Catalyst Consulting.  His industry knowledge, coupled with his professionalism, amazing energy, and positive attitude are truly unparalleled.” 

~ Suja Lowenthal, DPD, City Manager, City of Hermosa Beach

City of Bell Gardens

Elizabeth Nava | Recreation & Community Services Director

Bell Gardens Testimonial:

"We hosted a staff training for the first time in a few years and needed a dynamic speaker t kick off our training and get our team motivated and ready to work. John came in and knocked it out of the park. His professionalism and enthusiasm made him easy and pleasant to work with, and his passion for this profession caught the attention and respect of our entire team. John understood what we needed and delivered with flying colors."

~ Elizabeth Nava, Recreation & Community Services Director

City of El Segundo
Darrell George, City Manager

El Segundo Testimonial:


"While Interim (and now permanent) City Manager for the City of El Segundo, I had the pleasure of working with John Jones, who served as the Interim Director of Community Services for over four months.  During this time. Mr. Jones oversaw a diverse team of recreation, parks, and library professionals for the city.  His knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail was something that every city manager appreciates in a department head.  John also brought a high energy attitude, along with a results-oriented approach which allowed him to accomplish many city objectives during his time.  His desire to mentor staff and provide a strong set of leadership skills was truly remarkable.  I know we all hated to see him go!  I was able to retain the services of John through Catalyst Consulting, and value his on-going input, strength of communication and coaching skills, while assisting with al of our recreation, parks, and library needs.

I couldn't recommend more highly, the services of Mr. Jones and Catalyst Consulting!"


Thank you,

Darrell George

City Manager, City of El Segundo

City of South Pasadena

Domenica Megerdichian, 

Deputy City Manager

South Pasadena Testimonial:


"Catalyst Consulting proved to be the resource we needed to complete an organizational assessment of our Community Services Department. John draws from his breadth of experience in parks and recreation as well as management to provide sound and actionable recommendations— in line with the priorities of the agency’s leadership and the community"


Thank you!

Domenica Megerdichian,

Deputy City Manager 

City of Los Alamitos

Emeline Noda | Recreation &

Community Services Director

Los Alamitos Testimonial:

"John Jones's was our featured guest speaker at our Recreation Summer Staff Training and he delivered a great session to motivate the team on the amazing work Recreation Professionals do for their communities.  He provided great insight and knowledge from this 45 years of experience and what it is to have a true passion for serving others and what it takes to be a great leader.  He was relatable and provided a great start for the day with his enthusiasm and positive message.  The team was engaged and his presentation was impactful and memorable"

Thank you!

~ Emeline Noda, Recreation & Community Services Director

Interview with John

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