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After serving over 40 years within the Municipal Sector at the Executive Management Level, I retired in December 2020.  Even though I no longer work for a municipal agency, I feel I now possess significant skills and knowledge to assist municipal agencies meet the new paradigm of customer expectations within their organizations. 


Given this new paradigm of increased public expectations on how municipal agencies should spend their tax dollars and the continued request from their residents for their agency to provide more high quality services and programs for their communities, I decided to open Catalyst Consulting to assist municipal agencies meet these challenging demands. 


With my vast experiences, I am strategically positioned to provide consulting services that can assist your organization evaluate and assess your organizational structure; provide team training; or even assist your organization organize community engagement processes to assist with your Measure A and Proposition 68 Grant Applications. This new endeavor of opening Catalyst Consulting allows me to continue following my passion in this profession and serving our communities.

Please contact me with any way I can assist and support your organization, as we are all on the same "Public Servant" Team.

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